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Friday, January 06, 2006

Itching in pregnancy

I was told some itching is ok in pregnancy, because that's just you growing, but for the past few weeks my itching started at my feet and now all over my body. I itch all the time. I do not have a rash or bumps but its getting quite annoying. Is there a condition that causes this? I'm 19 weeks pregnant and my next appt. is on the 20th.


Dear S,

There are two pregnancy related conditions that can cause itching. One is a bumpy rash called PUPPS. This commonly occurs toward the end of pregnancy. The second condition is cholestasis of pregnancy. This is a liver problem that appears to be caused by pregnancy hormones and goes away after the baby is born. The most prominent symptom is itching, particularly on the hands and feet. It is not harmful, but it can be very uncomfortable. You should call your doctor to talk this over.



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