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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Breast infection

Dr. Amy,

I have had three children whom I have breastfed. I am now pregnant again. The problem is that I have cystic breast and one of them is chronically infected. I have been on antibiotics, had a mammogram and even a biopsy of the area to rule out cancer. There is still an abnormal discharge which clears up sometimes but then is right back. I would really like to nurse this baby also but am a little worried about the discharge. Would it clear itself up and if not I more than likely shouldn't nurse ( not off of that breast anyhow)?

Thanks alot,
SKA's mom

Dear SKA's mom,

I have been researching your question and I cannot find a definite answer. I suspect that nursing would be fine, since you can nurse when you have mastitis (a breast infection), but you should consult your own doctor for additional information.



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