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Friday, November 18, 2005

Why does my daughter need another test?

My daughter was on the bc patch recently and stopped using it because it irritated her skin horribly so she took it off. She had a period on 10-5 and another one on 10-24 which was very not heavy. She is on a 21 day cycle which if my calculations are correct she is late. I took her to the clinic to put her on the birth control pill and they did a pregnancy test and it was negative but they also said that since she had two last month that if she didn’t start by this weekend she needed to take another test early next week. I am a little confused as to why she would need to take another one.

Thank you,

Dear Lisa,

It sounds like they were concerned that the first test could have been done too early. They want to be absolutely sure she is not pregnant before starting her on the Pill.



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