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Friday, November 11, 2005

What does an HCG <2.0 mean?

I am about a week late on my period, and I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests, both of which have came out negative. I went and had a serum hcg test done. The test result, which I'm not sure how to read, said less than 2.0. My doctor only said negative. But I have all the symptoms.

My boyfriend's mom called and talked to her doctor because she thinks I am pregnant too. Her doctor said a result of 2 would be positive and should be followed up by another test to make sure. I guess I am just wondering if a result of 2 would be positive or negative? S

Dear S,

A result of less than 2.0 is almost certainly negative. If you were pregnant, your HCG level would be in the range of 200 at this point.



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