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Thursday, November 10, 2005



I previously asked you a question about a period that was black then red then black again.I went to my gynecologist and he did a pap test and I havent gotten the results of the pap yet, but he said that during the examine everything looked fine and that they was nothing visual to suggest a infection.

After the pap test I went pee an 3 1/2 hours later and i was spotting. That was 9 days ago and ever since then I have had a brownish discharge. My doctor said that it wasn't anything to cause any concern, but I have also noticed that if i do even the least little thing strenuous I start to spot again; then it goes back to the brown discharge.

I have never had even the slightest variation in my periods, not even after I had a leep procedure. I've taken two urine pregnancy tests and both were negative. Could it be possible that I am pregnant though and that there is something really wrong to make the pregnancy not show up in a urine test, or could it be possible that my birth control pills are altering the outcome of urine tests?

My doctor might not think that anything is wrong but a woman knows what is and isn't right within her body and i am positive that something is just not right but have absolutely no idea what it could be. Please help.


Dear Autumn,

Spotting is not a symptom of pregnancy, so that would not be my first concern. However, if you wanted to be absolutely certain that you are not pregnant, you could check a blood pregnancy test. Birth control pills have no effect on pregnancy tests.

The spotting could be due to the birth control pill (breakthrough bleeding) or it could be due to abnormal cells on your cervix. The Pap smear will give you more information about your cervix. Then you could talk to your doctor about whether he thinks the birth control pills are responsible or whether you need additional tests.



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