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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Severe pain an vomiting in pregnancy

I am now almost 11 weeks pregnant. I have been getting sick since week 7, which I know is normal. On tuesday in the morning I startedto have very bad cramping almost feeling like contractions, (no bleeding) so I decided to wait awhile to see if it was just gas or somthing else. Well, these would come every few minutes. I went to the ER b/c of the continuous vomiting and pain. I was really dehydrated and they hooked me to an IV. The baby was doing well. As soon as they released me the pain went to unbearable. I couldn't even breath. I would throw up evey minute until I finally passed out. The ER dept. couldn't figure out what had caused this. What do you think? It hasn't happend since Tuesday. I'm just trying to recuperate from being sore. My next appt is Nov. 25th. Any advise to what I should ask my doctor then?


Dear SK,

I wouldn't wait until your next appointment to look into this further. There are two kinds of problems that come to mind when thinking about severe episodic pain and vomiting. One is ovarian torsion. This is a fancy way to say twisting of the ovary. If the ovary has a cyst on it (which is very common in the first trimester), the cyst can cause the ovary to twist from its usual position. When the ovary is twisted, you would experience severe pain, nausea and vomiting. When the ovary twists back, the pain is miraculously gone. An ultrasound might be able to show the cyst.

The second possibility is passing a kidney stone. In that case, though, the pain is usually in the back and along the side. However, the pain is also severe, and often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Talk to your doctor about these possibilities and ask if he or she thinks an ultrasound test might be appropriate.



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