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Monday, November 21, 2005

Second trimester bleeding

Hello Dr. Amy,

I am 15 weeks pregnant, & after having sex with my husband I sometimes bleed. This has only happened 2 times so far. After the 1st time I bled after sex I had my OB appt & saw my baby was still healthy on the ultrasound, so I never mentioned it to my doctor. But now it happened again over the weekend. The bleeding usualy lasts about 2-3 hrs then stops. It's not real heavy bleeding, but is evident enough to KNOW it is blood. & this last time, there was not only blood but there were small amounts of what looked like tissue matter (not sure how to explain it).

The bleeding has stopped now, but could you please let me know if this normal, or could something be wrong? Does alot of women bleed after intercourse when pregnant?

Thank you so much for your help Dr. Amy.


Dear Belinda,

Bleeding in the second trimester is not normal and you need to talk it over with your doctor. The cervix is very sensitive during pregnancy, and sometimes the bleeding is just due to irritation of the cervix. This is not harmful to the baby or to you. However, it is also possible that the bleeding is coming from inside your uterus. It is important for your doctor to check this.



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