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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pregnancy test positive again

Last month I was 4 days late, so I took a hpt and it was +. I called my doctor who ordered a blood test. It came back with a weak +. They tested again in a couple days, and it to came back with a weak +, so they ordered an hcg level. The count came back at 16, so they said come back in a week to retest. In the mean time I spotted for about 4 days.

After the second test the nurse called and said my hcg level was at 2. She could not explain why and just said that I was not pregnant, even though I had 4 + tests. The doctor never did any exam. From what I read I thought maybe it could be a chemical pregnancy.

Now here I am a month later and late again. I did a hpt this weekend and it came back +. I am very worried. Is it possible that I have been pregnant this whole time and maybe the second blood test was not accurate?

Thank you,

Dear D,

The most likely scenario is that you were pregnant, had a very early miscarriage (chemical pregnancy), were no longer pregnant when the second HCG level was done, and are now pregnant again.

You need to have an HCG level to see if your HCG level indicates a new pregnancy, and another level in 48 hours or more to make sure that the HCG level is rising appropriately (doubling every 48 hours). Talk this over with your doctor.

You did not mention whether you ever had a period in the last cycle (after the HCG level of 2). If you did not have a period, it is possible that you have an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy that has persisted over these past few weeks. In an ectopic pregnancy, it is possible for the levels to rise and fall and rise again. If you did not have a period, you should talk to your doctor about making sure that you don't have an ectopic pregnancy.



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