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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Is this a reason to have an abortion?

I found out I was pregnant just about 2 weeks ago. From the day that I found out I stopped drinking and smoking all together, started taking pre-natal vitamins and also eating well and getting good amounts of sleep.

This past Wednesday afternoon I decided that it wasn't the right time for me to go through with it. Thinking that I was going to end the pregnancy, I went out that night and drank quite a bit and smoked about a half a pack of cigarettes. I don't know if I have a choice any longer because of the large amounts of alcohol and cigarettes I consumed on Wednesday night, but I think I may want to go through with my original decision to have the baby. My boyfriend, who was upset with my decision to have an abortion, thinks that although he wanted to keep it we no longer have that option because of my night out on Wednesday.

Do I have a choice if I want a healthy baby or did I ruin those chances with that one night out of binge drinking and smoking? Thank you!

Nervous in New York

Dear Nervous,

There is no medical reason for you to have an abortion. Neither smoking, nor one night of binge drinking is likely to have any impact on the baby.

An abortion is a purely personal choice. There is almost never a medical reason to have an abortion except in the very rare case that your life is in endangered by pregnancy.




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