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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How long does it take for DepoProvera to wear off?

Dear Dr. Amy,

I am currently on DepoProvera and have been for the past eight years, with a three month break in between. I am getting married in eighteen months and we would like to try for a baby straight away. I am aware that it can take a number of months to get pregnant after stopping the DepoProvera and have therefore decided to not have an injection (next is due 09.11.05) but instead to start taking the pill. I do not want to stop contraceptives all together, as I do not want to become pregnant before the wedding, but would like to conceive as soon as possible after, and do not want to have to wait until the effects of depo vera wear off. Can I switch to the pill straight away or would it be best to give myself a break? Also, will the DepoProvera wear off whilst I am taking the pill? Thank you for your help.


Dear Sara,

Hormonal contraceptives often take awhile to wear off. At can be 6 months to a years before your periods return to normal after stopping. DepoProvera. It can take up to 6 months for your periods to return to normal after stopping the Pill.

You can switch to the Pill in the near future and the DepoProvera will continue to leave your system. You can stop the Pill right before the wedding, but there is no guarantee that you will ovulate again right away.

The only form of birth control that is immediately reversible is a barrier method such as condoms and foam or a diaphragm.



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