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Friday, November 18, 2005

HCG levels not rising appropriately

I am 10 weeks pregnant and started spotting a little on Tuesday. I went to the doctor and they drew some blood to test my hormone level they said it should double in two days. I went back on Thursday for the second test and so when I called this morning they said my numbers did not double but they were a little higher. My doctor said he thought everything was okay but I am still worried. I have not bled anymore since Wednesday do you have any advice?


Dear GA,

The HCG levels should double approximately every 48 hours. The fact that they did not raises the possibility of a miscarriage. Ask the doctor for an ultrasound test to find out what is going on. A miscarriage is not preventable, so you need not worry about having an ultrasound immediately on an emergency basis, but it should be done soon to spare you further anxiety.



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