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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Getting pregnant after giving birth

Dear Dr. Amy,

I recently had my first baby about five weeks ago and though I knew I wasn't suppose to be having sex until after six weeks I did anyways at about four weeks. Well, about a couple of days ago I started to feel nauseated, pains in my abdominal area, and bloated. Is it possible that I can be pregnant, or is it just signs that my cycle is getting ready to start?

If I am pregnant, is that dangerous being that I just had a baby a month ago? Also if I am not pregnant when should I expect my cycle to start again? I stopped bleeding two weeks and a half after I had my baby, and I recently started seeing a brown mucousy discharge since then. My husband said that he don't think that I am because he pulled out. Is it possible to get pregnant even though he pulled out?

Wondering Mind

Dear Wondering Mind,

Yes, you could be pregnant. Check a pregnancy test to be sure. Most women who are not breastfeeding will get a period about 6-8 weeks after the baby was born.

Most doctors recommend waiting at least 3 months to get pregnant again so your body can recover, but you can still successfully carry a pregnancy again within the same year.



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