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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Follow up about short cycles

Dr. Amy,

Thanks for responding. I am calculating my cycle just as you have said from day 1 to day 1. I’ve noticed that my cycles alternated month to month from 23 to 26 days since April. My gyn doesn’t seem to be hearing me because she has never given me any answers, just sent me for a negative pregnancy test. If this is a luteal phase deficiency, will I know if I’m miscarrying or will it just seem like a normal period? Should I be concerned or will this correct itself (if this is the problem) eventually. Thank you so much for input. I will make that appointment, I just need to know what questions I should ask.


Dear YG,

If you have a short luteal phase, you might not be able to get pregnant, or you might have early miscarriages after you already know that you are pregnant. A short luteal phase will usually not correct itself. It is not a problem unless you want to become pregnant. If you don't want to become pregnant in the future, it usually doesn't need to be treated.



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