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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fetal kidneys not seen on ultrasound

Dear Dr. Amy,

I'm 19w 2d pregnant, and just came back from my ultrasound. The doctor said that everything looks fine except... they couldn't see the kidneys! What would be the reasons that the kidney could not be seen? Does that mean there is a problem, or is it typical at this gestation age?
Thank you.


Dear LS,

The fetal kidneys are usually seen by now, but there are other ways to assess fetal kidney function. Amniotic fluid is made up in large part by fetal urine. If the amount of amniotic fluid is normal, the kidneys are probably fine. Nonetheless, you need to have another ultrasound in a week or two to be sure that everything is developing properly. Talk to your doctor about having the ultrasound performed by someone who is an expert in fetal anatomy.



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