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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Elevated blood pressure

Dr Amy,

My due date is December 15, 2005. When should I really worry about my blood pressure? My normal pressure stays at 120+/60+. At my appointment on Wednesday, my blood pressure was something/90, so I checked it again later that day at Wal-Mart. I tested at 136/87. I called my doctor, it was the day before Thanksgiving, he said to go home and rest and check again later. He said that if it didn't seem to go down to call again. Their office is closed until Monday.

My blood pressures have ranged from 105/66 to 133/91.


Dear L,

Even though the office is closed, there is always a doctor available to see you. You can reach the doctor on call through the answering service at the office or the hospital.

The diagnosis of pre-eclampsia is based on more than just blood pressure. It depends on swelling, reflexes, and protein in the urine, among other things. At a minimum, your doctor should talk with you this weekend about your blood pressures, and if there is any question about what is going on, he should examine you at the hospital.

Pre-eclampsia is a potentially dangerous condition. If your doctor is confident that you don't have pre-eclampsia, you can wait until your next appointment. If there is any question about whether or not you have pre-eclampsia, you should be seen today. Holidays are irrelevant when it comes to providing medical care.



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