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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blocked tube on hysterosalpingogram

Hi Dr. Amy,

This afternoon I had a hysterosalpingogram done and found out that one of my fallopian tubes is blocked. The doctor also noted that my uterus looked as if I might have had some sort of growth on it (possible fibroids). Also, my husband found out that he has a high white blood cell count (he is taking antibiotics for a possible infection).

I am 33 years old and my husband is 31 years old. I’ve had one miscarriage in the past year. I do know that I am successfully ovulating. Also, I just finished taking Clomid today. Are our chances of getting pregnant very slim at this point?


Dear Joanne,

The fact that you have gotten pregnant within the past year shows that your chances of getting pregnant again are quite good. All you need is one fallopian tube that is open. The fibroids should not cause a problem unless they are unusually large or sticking into the cavity of the uterus.



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