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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Am I pregnant?

Dear Dr. Amy,

I am 20 and in September 2005 i had sex with my boyfriend and the condom split. Since then I have fainted, been sick, felt sick to food smells, have had enlarged sore breasts, lost weight everywhere but have a hard pot belly. I havent had a period since 19th August 2005, though I had spotting on the 22nd October 2005. I have had many HPT tests and had a blood test in september but had nothing except a faint positive in early October.

This happend to my aunty, cousin and sister and they were all pregnant but my doctor does not seem to want to help. I dont know what to do, I feel pregnant and look pregnant but tests are saying other wise.


Dear Stephanie,

A faintly positive test means that you are pregnant, or at least you were pregnant at the time you took the test. You need to have another blood pregnancy test, and perhaps and ultrasound to see what is going on.



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