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Friday, November 18, 2005

Am I ovulating?

Hi Dr. Amy,

My husband I have been trying to get pregnant for about 10 months. I went off the pill last December. My periods have not been normal since. (Normal for me on the pill is a 28 day cycle) Now my cycles range from 35 to 42 days. This past month I purchased a home ovulation kit to determine the best day to try and conceive. The problem is I never received a positive test. Does this mean I'm not ovulating? Is it necessary to ovulate in order to get pregnant? This terrifies me.

A friend of mine stated that she had an issue similar to this and her doctor prescribed her Letrozole. She said after about 2 months of taking it she got pregnant. Is this something I should consider? Does it have any dangerous side effects that I should be concerned about? Any advice you can give me I will greatly appreciate. I desperately want to get pregnant and I'm starting to get worried that this dream will never come true. Thanks for all your help.

Desperately wanting to be a mommy

Dear Desperate,

It is indeed possible that you are not ovulating, and you must ovulate (release an egg) in order to get pregnant. There are many possible causes and each cause has a specific treatment. What worked for a friend is not necessarily going to work for you because it may not be the appropriate treatment for your situation.

The best thing to do would be to see a gynecologist or an infertility specialist for an exam and tests to find out whether or not you are ovulating and what treatment, if any, you may need.



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