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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Taking Provera every month

Dear Dr. Amy,

My doctor prescribed me Provera (10mg per day for 5 days) starting on November 1st. This would be my third time (May, August, and November) taking Provera. My doctor wants me to take it every month (the 1st to the 5th day of every month.) The reason my doctor prescribed this to me, because I wasn't getting my period. I actually didn't have my period in years. I was wondering, is it okay to take Provera this many times? I had a pap test done and blood work done, but everything came out good. I currently have high blood pressure and my weight is very high (371 pounds.) Can that be interfering with my period (me not having one?) Do you have any idea on why I haven't been getting my period? The only time I get a "period" is when I take Provera. That makes me have a period. I'm just so confused right now. Please help!!!!

Yours Truly,

Dear Aleia,

It is safer to take Provera regularly than it is to miss many periods. That's because if you don't get a period for months at a time, you are at increased risk of eventually developing abnormal cells inside your uterus. Simulating regular periods with Provera reduces this risk.

Your weight could definitely be interfering with your periods. Fat cells can convert estrogen to androgens (male hormones) and these can suppress your periods. Losing weight will help get your periods back on track.



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