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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sleeping position in pregnancy

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Is it ok to sleep on both sides- left and right or do I absolutely have to sleep on my left side only. Also is it ok to sleep on my back?


Dear CM,

Toward the end of pregnancy, when the baby is heavier, it can press on a major vein of yours when you are laying on your back. This could theoretically reduce the flow of blood to the baby. It's an important point during any surgery you might have while pregnant (including a C-section), because you wouldn't change your position.

When it comes to sleeping, though, it is a different matter. First of all, you would not sleep flat on your back in the later stages of pregnancy because it would be difficult for you to breathe. Second, when you sleep, you move around all the time, so you would not be stuck in one position.

You can sleep in whatever position you are comfortable unless your doctor advise otherwise.



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