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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Pregnant after molar pregnancy


I have previously hade a molar pregnancy (in feb 05). I was told not to get pregnant for one year but also not to use any contraception. I think I may have fallen pregnant again and am scared the whole thing will happen again. What will happen? Will i have to have blood tests all the time or have ultrasounds alot?

Thanks heaps,

Dear Abi,

It's hard to imagine that anyone told you not to use contraception since every woman who has had a molar pregnancy is told to use contraception (usually the Pill) for a year after the pregnancy. This is because you must have regular blood tests throughout the year to be sure that the molar tissue did not turn into cancer and return.

You need to see your doctor right away to have your HCG level checked, and to have an ultrasound. That's because this type of cancer would also cause a positive pregnancy test so you need to make sure that this is really a new pregnancy and not cancer.




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