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Monday, October 24, 2005


Dr Amy,

I have just been diagnosed with HPV. The thing is, I have only been with two men, one man with who I am currently, the other man was for the most part against my will. With my boyfriend, we have been together for almost two years. We have sex with a condom, have had anal sex once, and I performed oral sex on him once and he performed oral sex on me many times. With the other guy, he penetrated me anally one time, and put his penis in my mouth the other time.

Well now i have learned that I have HPV and the only symptom I have is precancerous cells in my cervix. Which man do you think I most likely got it from? It kills me to know i may have passed it on to my bf. And then again, I don't know if my bf already had it to begin with.

From what I know so far, I only have precancerous cells, and not warts. Could I have contracted that from anal or oral sex, or since it was in my cervix, could I have only gotten that from vaginal sex? I have only had vaginal sex with my boyfriend, but we used condoms. Is it most likely that I got it from him?

Please let me know what you think.

Extremely Anxious

Dear Extremely Anxious,

It is most likely that you got it from your boyfriend. The fact that your only symptom is abnormal cervical cells suggests that you acquired it during vaginal sex. Condoms are only partially protective against HPV because the virus can be anywhere on the genitals, not just on the penis.

Most men never have symptoms of HPV, so they do not know they have it, and therefore do not know that they can pass it on. Anyone who has ever had sex can have HPV, since it is so common. It is not a sign of promiscuity.



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