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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Follow up question on premature rupture of membranes

Dear Dr Amy,

Thank you for the response, I went to see my doctor and also my consultant regarding me being 35 weeks now. it has been nearly 2 weeks since my waters broke and I asked if they were going to induce me. They told me to make another appointment for a weeks time and if i haven't gone into labour on my own that they will induce me when i get to 37 weeks. Will this be ok? They have not given me another course of antibiotics either. Can i do anything else?


Dear Julia,

I would ask about the risk of infection. Studies of prolonged premature rupture of membranes indicates that the risk of infection increases as the duration of ruptured membranes increases. Therefore, once the baby's lungs are mature, delivery is recommended.

I don't know if the recommendations are the same in your country, but I would definitely ask. The most important questions are:

What is the risk of infection in ruptured membranes? We know that if you get an infection it can have serious consequences for the baby.
What is the risk to the baby of being delivered now (as long as the lungs are mature)?
Which risk is greater?

They should be able to answer these questions for you. Unless the risk of being delivered early is significantly greater than the risk of infection, the vast majority of doctors would recommend induction.



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