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Monday, October 31, 2005

Fetal heart rate of 126


A few moths ago I posted that we were tring to get pregnant. Well, we are! But Thursday I started lightly spotting ( brown) after attempting to have sex. I called my OB who ordered an ultrasound. The baby measure 1.24 cm(crl of 7w2d) my OB's only concern was the baby's heart rate was only 126. I am very aware this is low but need to know how concerned I should be. I am going to have another US this week after seeing the OB on Monday. All spotting has stopped. Any advice or informmation you could share?

David and Lee

Dear David and Lee,

Anywhere between 120-160 is considered a normal heart rate. While it is true that the heart rate tends to be higher in early pregnancy, 126 is not a sign of a problem.

There's no way to predict what will happen, though. Even after you see the heartbeat on ultrasound, the miscarriage rate for the average pregnancy is 10%.

Good luck.



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