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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Conception date

I'm am 8w6d pregnant from my last menstrual period which was August 19th. When I went in for my u/s at 7w4d the baby read 6w1d, which would be 1w3d off. That means I got pregnant 3 days after my period ended. Could that be right?

In July my period never came so the doctor put me on provera on Aug. 11th to induce a period. From what the doctor says i conceived on the 29th. What do you think? Also i'm 9weeks tomorrow and already I'm showing a little in the front but losing weight everywhere else. Is that normal sinceI'm eating healthy? Thanks.


Dear Stephanie,

If the first ultrasound showed you were 1 week and 3 days less than expected, that would mean that you conceived 1 week and 3 days after you thought you did. So instead of conceiving on September 2nd as you might expect if your last period was on August 19th, you conceived around September 12th. That's not surprising since the reason you got Provera in the first place was because you were not ovulating regularly.

The fact that you haven't gained any weight yet is not a cause for concern.



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