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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Can I find out if I had a miscarriage by taking a pregnancy test?


I just recently found out that i was pregnant, but i lately i have had several symptoms of a miscarriage. If i took another pregnancy test, can I find out if I actually had a miscarriage?


Dear Andrea,

No, a home pregnancy test cannot tell you whether you have had a miscarriage. That's because a home pregnancy test detects the presence or absence of HCG (the pregnancy hormone). The hormone can stay in your body for weeks after a miscarriage, so a home pregnancy test will still be positive long after the miscarriage is over.

A blood pregnancy test can tell you the actual amount of HCG. If you have two tests several days apart, and the level of HCG is falling, it is sign that the pregnancy is not normal and you probably have had a miscarriage.



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